Window Style

Choose the style of windows your house has.

Choosing the right style of window

With so many different styles of windows on the market it is hard sometimes to specify the exact ones we have, we hope that the two options below helps that process.

Standard windows usually consist of single panes/ two panes of glass per window. This is acceptably regarded as standard windows. Non standard however come in all shapes and sizes from three piece, four piece and so on until you reach the colonial style (as pictured).

Please bare in mind when making the selection that your technician needs to be aware of the windows you have so he/she have the correct equipment for your property. 

We do understand that some houses contain a mixture of standard and non standard, believe us we are not trying to add hurdles but

being aware helps us make a calculated decision on pricing a job according the task ahead.

Please choose correctly according to your property as we strive to give you the best possible pricing for the job you require us to do.

To simplify why need to be aware of the style is the fact a two pane standard window requires 4 panels to be cleaned (inside and out) however the colonial style pictured adds up to 16 panels to be cleaned (inside & out) which as you can appreciate is time consuming. We are here to help you so please help us give you the best possible quote we can.​​


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